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Here are some helpful tips that we thought we would share with you to make sure you are truly making your blog as successful as it can be.

1. Consistency is far more important that frequency. Always upload your blog – same day/same time. This helps the SEO bots recognise and find your blog and also helps your readership who looks to receive something from you at a regular date and time.

2. With the new SEO algorithms  of Panda and Penguin – you need to focus on the value and meaning of words rather than the number.

3. Make sure your posts entertain and are easy to read – although I am sure we don’t need to tell you that, and you are already doing a fab job of this. But shared and enjoyed posts do much better at SEO.

4. Interaction gives power to the search – it is the response that helps to raise your rankings. So always ask for comments, pose questions – ask your readers to share.

5. Make sure you add value – what are you giving them that will improve their lives?

6. Did you know that Slideshare is so much more powerful now than YouTube? So presentations are useful to include in your blog.

7. Remember the importance of Google+ with SEO and make sure the blog is linked and you roll it out via Google +

8. Showcase your expertise in an interesting and informative way. Share what you know. That will encourage people to engage with you. Make it worth their while to read your blog.

9. Start with the Call-to-Action – make it desirable and this will encourage trust with companies and means they will come back time and time again and also refer you to their friends.

10. And finally always work on making sure your blog is as original as it can be. Remember you can’t reproduce the same information everywhere. You must rewrite it and change it so it appears differently across different platforms.

To help you gain exposure for your blog via Social Media you might like to download our free guide.

What works for you with your blog? Comment below and let us know. We would love to hear your thoughts.