Marantz electronics website

Because Inspection Matters …


Marantz-Electronics, a leading manufacturer of AOI and SPI systems for the electronics manufacturing industry, is a full-time client of Protean and we coordinate all their marketing communications activity across their major markets in Europe, USA and South Africa, ensuring overall consistency in materials and developing integrated marketing campaigns.


Having redeveloped their website about 5 years ago it was beginning to look a little bit tired and in need of an injection of ‘oomph’! The budget was not available for a full redesign and build, but neither was it deemed necessary, as the main product pages are jam packed full of unique and useful content. The brief was to focus on a new, more contemporary home page and a general facelift to modify the layout throughout to match.


The site used a visually appealing, but limiting picture menu structure. Traffic analysis made it clear that, visitors weren’t able to quickly get to the information they needed. The product range had now grown to such a degree, we concluded it was the time to move to a simpler menu structure.
The home page also lacked critical information that decreased conversion. A more dynamic home page was required.


The team created a modern scrolling home page in keeping with the Mek brand for instant recognition and a grid structure to accommodate dynamic content. The modular structure scales well across devices and the content can be easily changed or moved and key sections updated by any admin members. The full width of page design was implemented throughout the site without having to touch internal pages. The headers and footers did the revamp work! The site has since been translated and built in multiple languages, German, French and Spanish, to engage Mek’s international audience.


The resulting site is inviting and flexible. Iterations can be made easily and often, keeping the design fresh and responsive to whatever is happening at Mek and any product and business goals that might arise.

Protean Inbound has been working with Mek for over 15 years now, delivering integrated marketing to include special projects, PR, design and generally supporting year-on-year marketing efforts. The website is a perfect hub for all our marketing activities.


"Protean’s knowledge of how we operate makes doing business easy as they have a full understanding of what we are trying to achieve.
I would happily recommend them to any business owners that are looking to improve their business opportunities."

Henk BiemansCEO