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Any organisation can derive enormous benefits from digital marketing and building a strong online presence. While there are many different ways to go about promoting yourself online, content marketing and social media make a particularly powerful combination. These two techniques feed each other and together they can meet almost all of your marketing needs.

Why Social Media Withers Without Great Content

Marketing through social media channels gives you a great opportunity to engage potential customers in an interactive conversation. That conversation is hard to maintain when you have nothing to say, though! A solid content marketing campaign can provide the grist you need to keep the social media mill churning.

In fact, a shortage of content is one of the most common reasons that social media marketing campaigns fail. It’s hard to hold potential customers’ interest if you have nothing to say to them. A robust content marketing plan protects you from this risk and ensures that your social media presence will always be expanding.

How Content Packs More Punch With Social Publicity

Marketers who specialise in content usually stress the absolute necessity of good content to any kind of online marketing. However, content alone cannot promote your organisation. In order for your content to have a positive impact, it needs to get seen. Maintaining a robust social media presence is a great way to funnel visitors towards your content.

While there will always be a place for organic search optimisation and other forms of traffic generation, social media signals are vital when it comes to attracting a fresh audience. A social presence helps raise the prominence of all your other marketing efforts, giving you more opportunities to impress and captivate your audience.

A Wealth Of Inspiration

One of the biggest challenges of running a content-rich marketing campaign is coming up with the fresh ideas necessary for content generation. Social media is a strong ally in this realm, too. Because social networks offer you an unparalleled opportunity to engage directly with your audience, it’s very easy to learn more about them. You can gauge their responses to your existing content and find out what works and what doesn’t.

Exploring your social sphere is also the easiest way to get a better understanding of your audience’s interests. A careful reading of your followers’ activities can expose you to fertile new fields for content creation. What questions are they asking? What information do they need? How can you help them better? Social media interaction can answer all of these questions and give you the seeds you need to grow fresh content crops.

Maintaining The Marketing Focus

If you develop robust strategies for content creation and social media marketing side-by-side, you run little risk of ever running out of fresh ideas. However, there is one major pitfall you need to steer clear of: Don’t let audience satisfaction become your core goal. It’s important to present content that you know people want and use your social accounts to publicise it, but this shouldn’t be the point of the exercise.

You need to maintain measurable goals along with your plans for social media marketing and content generation. Whether it’s new visitors attracted, new leads generated or fresh sales made, you should have an independent yardstick you can use to gauge your efforts’ effectiveness. This will keep you grounded and show you when it’s time to modify your marketing strategy.

The best modern marketing plans take full advantage of social media to amplify the effectiveness of content marketing. At the same time, fresh content serves as a powerful driver for increasing your social media presence. By developing your resources in these two areas side-by-side, you will be able to build a marketing juggernaut that brings you to the attention of a truly enormous audience.