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Customer expectations have changed dramatically in recent years. We all expect deeper, more meaningful relationships with the brands from which we buy. We expect interaction, whether it’s online, on the phone, or face-to-face and a satisfying purchasing journey.

Every business should be thinking about how to create those more meaningful relationships with their customers. The role of customer focused marketing is to build trust and engage customers to build brand loyalty and reduce customer turnover. Protean Inbound is an integrated marketing agency that helps develop brand loyalty through marketing, engaging customers with expert content.

Henry Street Garden Centre is one of Berkshire’s most successful garden centres. Protean Inbound have been working with them for over 10 years now enabling them to become a source of authority through their website, blogs, social media channels, and more. Most recently we designed and built a new website to accommodate their new wider range of products, including an online shop of their huge range of roses grown on their 40 acre site and offered for online purchase.

Super Dry Totech, a leading manufacturer of dry storage solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry is a full-time client of Protean and we coordinate their communications activity across their major markets in Europe, USA and South Africa, ensuring overall consistency in materials and developing integrated marketing campaigns. Their success in marketing has now led to a partnership with a global technology giant, the ASYS Group.

Discover how we can help you become brand leaders in your market, building positive relationships through insightful, imaginative and creative marketing solutions.